Trigger Warning * Neil Gaiman

“What we read as adults should be read, I think, with no warnings or alerts beyond, perhaps: enter at your own risk. We need to find out what fiction is, what it means, to us, an experience that is going to be unlike anyone else’s experience of the story.” ― Neil Gaiman, Trigger Warning: Short Fictions andContinue reading “Trigger Warning * Neil Gaiman”

Anasi Boys – Neil Gaiman Book Review

I’ve loved  American Gods, didn’t think too much of Norse Mythology but I thought I’d like the “Anasi Boys” story. And I was quite surprised by how much I’ve enjoyed it! This is the story of Anasi the Spider God and of his two human boys that he fathered with a human woman. It’s a funnyContinue reading “Anasi Boys – Neil Gaiman Book Review”

I believe in DOG – From Stephen King’s Eye of the Dragon

“Can you read this word, Peter?’ …’It says GOD.’ ‘Yes, that’s right. Now write it backward and see what you find.’ …’DOG! Mamma! It says DOG!’ ‘Yes. It says dog.’ The sadness in her voice quenched Peter’s excitement at once. His mother pointed from GOD to DOG. ‘These are the two natures of man,’ sheContinue reading “I believe in DOG – From Stephen King’s Eye of the Dragon”

You are the future * Rainer Maria Rilke

Du bist die Zukunft, großes Morgenrot Du bist die Zukunft, großes Morgenrot über den Ebenen der Ewigkeit. Du bist der Hahnschrei nach der Nacht der Zeit, der Tau, die Morgenmette und die Maid, der fremde Mann, die Mutter und der Tod.Du bist die sich verwandelnde Gestalt, die immer einsam aus dem Schicksal ragt, die unbejubeltContinue reading “You are the future * Rainer Maria Rilke”

Neil Gaiman * Norse Mythology

When he was growing up, not long after reading Marvel’s Thor, he picked Roger Lancelyn Green’s classic Myths of the Norsemen to learn more about his favorite characters — and found himself fascinated by a vision of Asgard that was nothing like Marvel’s sci-fi space palaces. “It was a bunch of huts with a wall round them.Continue reading “Neil Gaiman * Norse Mythology”

American Gods * The Great Reveal of Shadow’s origin

*SPOILERS* I have finished the great masterpiece of American Gods Book Review * Neil Gailman this weekend and I was pretty surprised to find out who Shadow Moon was. Gaiman isn’t giving everything away – a lot is “hidden” away in crevices in the text on the page. You have to think about it, what happens, whoContinue reading “American Gods * The Great Reveal of Shadow’s origin”

American Gods Book Review * Neil Gailman

With the release of the American Gods TV Show, I decided to give the book a go and it is good! Very good! What do you worship? The American Gods TV Series Isn’t Afraid to Go Full-On Weird, and That’s What Makes It Great There aren’t many authors who have the kind of fandom that Neil GaimanContinue reading “American Gods Book Review * Neil Gailman”

American Gods – There was a girl, and her uncle sold her – Excerpt

There was a girl, and her uncle sold her. Put like that it seems so simple. No man, proclaimed Donne, is an island, and he was wrong. If we were not islands, we would be lost, drowned in each other’s tragedies. We are insulated (a word that means, literally, remember, made into an island) fromContinue reading “American Gods – There was a girl, and her uncle sold her – Excerpt”