Frank’s Steak House (Northampton)

To all you food lovers out there (yes, I am one and I shall always be one) – here’s a shoutout to steak lovers. If you are in Northampton, go to Frank’s Steak House! I just came back and I must say I am well impressed – the staff is extra friendly, the food isContinue reading “Frank’s Steak House (Northampton)”

30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 6

Day 06 — My worst cooking disaster involved chicken supreme and my loved one It was a beautiful December morning when I misread a receipe for Chicken Supreme. I was planning a romantic dinner for two following this receipe: Ingredients 2 small onions, sliced 4 garlic cloves, chopped 6 rashers of bacon,chopped 3 boneless, skinlessContinue reading “30 Days of Blogging Honesty – Day 6”