Toxic Heart * Theo Lawrence

The second MYSTIC CITY novel . . . it’s Romeo & Juliet in a dystopic Manhattan. A city in flames. A trust betrayed. A perfect love destroyed. Has Aria lost Hunter, her one true love? Ever since rebellion broke out in Mystic City, pitting the ruling elite against the magic-wielding mystics, Aria has barely seen her boyfriend.Continue reading “Toxic Heart * Theo Lawrence”

Shadow of the Hook 10 (Urban Fairytales) * Erik Shoebach

I taught you to fight and to fly, what more can there be? Robyn and Amanda fall off the path to Perchta’s garden, where the Avatars were retreating to in order plan against the Elders resetting of the mortal realm. They find themselves in a land where imagination is the most dangerous of weapons… Neverland.Continue reading “Shadow of the Hook 10 (Urban Fairytales) * Erik Shoebach”

The Devil and the Deep: Horror Stories of the Sea by Ellen Datlow

Stranded on a desert island, a young man yearns for objects from his past. A local from a small coastal town in England is found dead as the tide goes out. A Norwegian whaling ship is stranded in the Arctic, its crew threatened by mysterious forces. In the nineteenth century, a ship drifts in becalmedContinue reading “The Devil and the Deep: Horror Stories of the Sea by Ellen Datlow”

The Hobbit * J.R.R Tolkien

When it comes to fantasy children’s books, Tolkien created a true masterpiece about a small human (like a child) who in a fantasy world gets to meet a real dragon, find a treasure, sneak around an old under-the-mountain castle and find where his heart lies. The best part – outsmarting Gollum and taking his ringContinue reading “The Hobbit * J.R.R Tolkien”

Fate Forsaken – Harbringer * Shae Ford

Seventeen years ago, a long and bloody rebellion wracked the six united regions of the Kingdom. Now the new King wields the vast and unvanquished army of Midlan with his right hand, and with his left has granted a small group of thugs — the nobles he calls his Sovereign Five — unbridled rule overContinue reading “Fate Forsaken – Harbringer * Shae Ford”

Dune by Frank Herbert

Though Dune won the Nebula and Hugo awards, the two most prestigious science fiction prizes, it was not an overnight commercial success. Its fanbase built through the 60s and 70s, circulating in squats, communes, labs and studios, anywhere where the idea of global transformation seemed attractive. Fifty years later it is considered by many to be theContinue reading “Dune by Frank Herbert”

The Tyranny of Shadows * By Timothy S Currey

Ardent Momaenta The Principle of Good Choose always the greater good, no matter the cost, no matter your doubt; for in the killing of four guilty men to save one innocent, the greater good surely prevails. Verandert The Mordenari assassin’s guild don’t take kindly to those who interfere with their contracts— even one of theirContinue reading “The Tyranny of Shadows * By Timothy S Currey”

The Obsidian Throne by J.D. Oswald

The Obsidian Throne is J.D. Oswald’s stunning conclusion to ‘The Ballad of Sir Benfro’ series – an epic high fantasy tale of dragons, swordsmanship, honour and two of the most unlikely yet extraordinary heroes in all of fiction. There is no war in the northlands, just annihilation. Either the dragons will destroy this world or QueenContinue reading “The Obsidian Throne by J.D. Oswald”

Child of the Prophecy (Sevenwaters #3) by Juliet Marillier

Child of the Prophecy is the thrilling conclusion to Juliet Marillier’s award-winning Sevenwaters Trilogy. Magic is fading… and the ways of Man are driving the Old Ones to the West, beyond the ken of humankind. The ancient groves are being destroyed, and if nothing is done, Ireland will lose its essential mystic core. The propheciesContinue reading “Child of the Prophecy (Sevenwaters #3) by Juliet Marillier”