Visiting London * Explore the Coca-Cola London Eye

The London Eye has become a much-loved part of the landscape in a relatively short amount of time. The Eye (whose named sponsor changes every couple of years and currently is Coca Cola) also does the same trick as the Eiffel Tower does for Paris, to let people climb above the city and look backContinue reading “Visiting London * Explore the Coca-Cola London Eye”

The Real Self in a Virtual World: Popular Culture as an Expression of Human Nature

Do you know who you are or have you lost yourself so far? Everyone– at least everyone with a reasonably normal mind and brain — has a true self that is partly buried beneath their everyday personality. This self is who each o us is and can become when our natural growth isn’t interfered withContinue reading “The Real Self in a Virtual World: Popular Culture as an Expression of Human Nature”

The Art of dreaming

The Art of Dreaming is an extraordinary and exciting adventure of the psyche unlike any other, which takes the reader on an amazing journey of the soul via the teachings of the great sorcerer, don Juan. Carlos Castaneda The Art of dreaming Authors Note Over the past twenty years, I have written a series ofContinue reading “The Art of dreaming”

How past experiences affect your life

Without the interaction of other people an individual can’t develop a personality. Sociologist Herbert Mead developed a theory known as social behaviorism, which helped explained why past social experiences help form an individuals’ personality. Mead did not believe that personality was developed by drives or biologically, but more on terms socially.  He stated that theContinue reading “How past experiences affect your life”