Orson Scott Card * Wyrms Sci Fi Book Review (Ender Series)

Whenever I think of a young woman’s journey to an uncertain destiny, I usually think of David Palme’s Emergence  – especially if the girl is under 15, has the power to take a life and is a master of disguise, diplomacy and martial arts. Patience is the seventh seventh seventh daughter of the space captain who firstContinue reading “Orson Scott Card * Wyrms Sci Fi Book Review (Ender Series)”

Ender’s Game – Book Review

The reason the Hunger Games was interesting to me were solely due to the tactics Katniss used to stay alive, Well, guess what? Ender Wiggins just pretty much kick this Katniss chick’s butt. Ender almost reminded me of Alexander the Great or Napoleon and I LOVED IT. Ender (Andrew) Wiggins was a breath of freshContinue reading “Ender’s Game – Book Review”

Orson Scott Card * Speaker for the Dead Intro Excerpt

How did Speaker for the Dead come to be? As with all my stories, this one began with more than one idea. The concept of a “speaker for the dead” arose from my experiences with death and funerals. I have written of this at greater length elsewhere; suffice it to say that I grew dissatisfiedContinue reading “Orson Scott Card * Speaker for the Dead Intro Excerpt”