Two Butterflies went out at Noon – Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson possessed the gift of mystic vision, and that vision is displayed brilliantly in this fantabulous little poem that offers a little drama of two butterflies on a magical flight. Two Butterflies went out at Noon— And waltzed above a Farm— Then stepped straight through the Firmament And rested on a Beam— And then—togetherContinue reading “Two Butterflies went out at Noon – Emily Dickinson”

Apparently with no surprise * Emily Dickinson Poetry

Apparently with no surprise To any happy Flower The Frost beheads it at its play— In accidental power — The blonde Assassin passes on— The Sun proceeds unmoved To measure off another Day For an Approving God. With “Apparently with no surprise” Emily picks up one of her favorite themes: death. Yeah, kind of dark,Continue reading “Apparently with no surprise * Emily Dickinson Poetry”

As imperceptibly as Grief by Emily Dickinson- Say Goodbye to Summer

As imperceptibly as Grief The Summer lapsed away — Too imperceptible at last To seem like Perfidy — A Quietness distilled As Twilight long begun, Or Nature spending with herself Sequestered Afternoon — The Dusk drew earlier in — The Morning foreign shone — A courteous, yet harrowing Grace, As Guest, that would be goneContinue reading “As imperceptibly as Grief by Emily Dickinson- Say Goodbye to Summer”

Much Madness * Emily Dickinson

As we are still raising awareness for the Mental Health month, we’ll have a look at a sweet poem by Emily Dickinson. The message itself is, while powerful, fairly simple to understand—what is called madness is often actually the truest sanity, but as long as it differs from the perspective of the majority who definesContinue reading “Much Madness * Emily Dickinson”

Emily Dickinson – Apocalypse

APOCALYPSE. I’m wife; I’ve finished that, That other state; I’m Czar, I’m woman now: It’s safer so. How odd the girl’s life looks Behind this soft eclipse! I think that earth seems so To those in heaven now. This being comfort, then That other kind was pain; But why compare? I’m wife! stop there!  

He put the belt around my life (50 shades of Grey)

Emily Dickinson (1830–86). Complete Poems. 1924. Part Three: Love XXXII HE put the belt around my life,— I heard the buckle snap, And turned away, imperial, My lifetime folding up Deliberate, as a duke would do A kingdom’s title-deed,— Henceforth a dedicated sort, A member of the cloud. Yet not too far to come atContinue reading “He put the belt around my life (50 shades of Grey)”

I cannot live with You (Emily Dickinson)

“I Cannot Live With You” is one of Emily Dickinson’s great love poems, sharing the logical sensibility of the metaphysical poets whom she admired, advancing her thoughts about her lover, slowly, from the first declaration to the inevitable devastating conclusion. However, unlike most sonnet arguments or “carpe diem” poems, this poem seems designed to argueContinue reading “I cannot live with You (Emily Dickinson)”