Bad writing examples in 50 Shades of Grey

I have read the series and I’m ready to pronounce the sins. E.L. James needs a spanking. BuzzFeed had a top 13 list and now it’s time for us to do our own. There are only actually 12 shades of grey that are readily acknowledged but the British Art Council (13 if you know the secretContinue reading “Bad writing examples in 50 Shades of Grey”

Fifty Shades Freed * EL James

When we last left our romantic icons, Ana Steele and Christian Grey, they were newly engaged and facing (a) Ana’s ex-boss, Jack Hyde, whom Christian fired in a fit of jealous pique when Jack made a pass at Ana and (b) Christian’s “Mrs. Robinson,” the woman who initiated him into his life of BDSM. CanContinue reading “Fifty Shades Freed * EL James”

50 Shades Darker * EL James

The 50 Shades of Grey Trilogy continues with 50 Shades Darker. The ‘Cinderella story on steroids’ continues with a happy ending/beginning. If you read the first book you know that Ana refers to Christian Grey as 50 Shades hence the book title. Christian has many moods and ‘personalities’ that lead Ana to this name for him.