The Obsidian Throne by J.D. Oswald

The Obsidian Throne is J.D. Oswald’s stunning conclusion to ‘The Ballad of Sir Benfro’ series – an epic high fantasy tale of dragons, swordsmanship, honour and two of the most unlikely yet extraordinary heroes in all of fiction. There is no war in the northlands, just annihilation. Either the dragons will destroy this world or QueenContinue reading “The Obsidian Throne by J.D. Oswald”

Stephen King * Eyes of the Dragon Book Review

“Once, in a kingdom called Delain, there was a king with two sons….” At the time, best known for his horror fiction, King released the unexpected work of classic fantasy and dedicated it to his daughter Naomi. People’s minds, particularly the minds of children, are like wells—deep wells full of sweet water. And sometimes, whenContinue reading “Stephen King * Eyes of the Dragon Book Review”

The Ice Dragon * George R.R. Martin Book Review

I love children’s books and when I ran across a book from my favourite author – with drawings from Luis Royo, I immediately purchased it! I must say I have not read many short stories from George R.R. Martin aside from the EPIC “A song of ice and fire” and the books that followed it.Continue reading “The Ice Dragon * George R.R. Martin Book Review”