Gout: A rich man disease through the ages

I know I usually don’t post about medical stuff – unless discussing troubling issues like Depression, Dementia or Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes or bugs. Some of them have been written for the Mental Health Awareness Month like May 2017 and some of them came out during research for a book I was reading likeThe MunchausenContinue reading “Gout: A rich man disease through the ages”

Practical Approach towards Heart Diseases

by Mridula Trivedi The human heart lies in the fourth part of the body and hence it is represented by the fourth house of the horoscope. The Sun is the main significator of heart. In other words the Sun is the heart of Kaala Purusha. Sun is the source of energy and indicates oxygen too.Continue reading “Practical Approach towards Heart Diseases”


Disorder of the stomach and bowels is one of the most fruitful sources of the diseases of infancy. Only prevent their derangement, and, all things being equal, the infant will be healthy and flourish, and need not the aid of physic or physicians. There are many causes which may give rise to these affections; manyContinue reading “STOMACH AND BOWEL DISORDERS AMONG INFANTS.”


Crying is a physiological process in the life of a baby.All normal babies cry to communicate with others.Sine they can’t express their feelings in words crying is the only way for communication. If any uncomfortable feeling comes they simply cry.Normally babies cry in situations like hunger,wetting,too heat or cold,tight clothes,pain etc. Some kids need theContinue reading “WHAT TO DO WHEN YOUR KIDS CRY ?”