Two to Tango (A Belinda & Bennett Mini Mystery) * Amy Saunders

“So something weird just happened,” she said. “The housekeeper left an envelope stuffed with cash in the library desk.” […] Apparently, her grandmother had returned to her Portside home briefly (she’d spent the past weeks in the Hamptons with her other daughter’s family) and was convinced someone stole her husband’s manuscript from the safe. OnlyContinue reading “Two to Tango (A Belinda & Bennett Mini Mystery) * Amy Saunders”

Pines (Wayward Pines #1) by Blake Crouch

I had this book in my horror pile for nearly a year and only now I had some time to spare and read this. While it’s not a horror masterpiece, it does allow you to get drawn in and suffocate in questions, much like the main character is. Ethan Burke, Secret Service, has been sentContinue reading “Pines (Wayward Pines #1) by Blake Crouch”

Stephen King – The Outsider (Finders Keepers)

“Reality is thin ice, but most people skate on it their whole lives and never fall through until the very end. We did fall through, but we helped each other out. We’re still helping each other.” Welcome to the Supernatural Zone. Not Twilight Zone since Jordan Peele destroyed it with his political agenda. I’ve picked upContinue reading “Stephen King – The Outsider (Finders Keepers)”

Deep Freeze (Virgil Flowers #10) by John Sandford

“Why would a just God allow this to happen? Was it all part of an evolutionary clockwork that God allowed to work through itself, unguided, an enormous experiment of some kind, for good reasons that humans couldn’t perceive?” Class reunions: a time for memories—good, bad, and, as Virgil Flowers is about to find out, deadly—inContinue reading “Deep Freeze (Virgil Flowers #10) by John Sandford”

Dead Harvest (Inspector Ray Wilson Thriller Book 1) by Andrew Leatham

I went through this book in about 3 solid hours. It’s slightly short of 300 pages and the plot, while not terribly engaging, has a few redeeming qualities. The story begins with an unusual mummification in Egyptian times. Thousands of years later, a truck is stopped for a routine traffic violation. The driver Romanian, theContinue reading “Dead Harvest (Inspector Ray Wilson Thriller Book 1) by Andrew Leatham”