Golden Son by Pierce Brown (Book 2)

I loved Red Rising By Pierce Brown (Book 1) and as quick as I could I jumped on eBay and got book 2 & 3 of the trilogy. I was very excited to see that the amazing story of the Helldiver from Lycos on Mars is still flowing as swiftly and quickly as Book 1. IContinue reading “Golden Son by Pierce Brown (Book 2)”

Orson Scott Card * Wyrms Sci Fi Book Review (Ender Series)

Whenever I think of a young woman’s journey to an uncertain destiny, I usually think of David Palme’s Emergence  – especially if the girl is under 15, has the power to take a life and is a master of disguise, diplomacy and martial arts. Patience is the seventh seventh seventh daughter of the space captain who firstContinue reading “Orson Scott Card * Wyrms Sci Fi Book Review (Ender Series)”

Déjeuner du matin * Jacques Prévert

This beautiful piece of poetry talks about the little habits of a morning breakfast, the pieces that make life so cosy and beautiful. The end of the description ends with him leaving and her catching his head in his hands and crying. Underneath it all, it was the hidden desperation of being left during theContinue reading “Déjeuner du matin * Jacques Prévert”

L'automne – Poetry by Jaques Prevert

It’s autumn, and not only the leaves are dying but the love too. Un cheval s’écroule au milieu d’une allée Les feuilles tombent sur lui Notre amour frissonne Et le soleil aussi. This beautiful piece of poetry always makes me shiver. The scene is static, there’s a horse stopped in the middle of an alleyContinue reading “L'automne – Poetry by Jaques Prevert”