Golden Son by Pierce Brown (Book 2)

I loved Red Rising By Pierce Brown (Book 1) and as quick as I could I jumped on eBay and got book 2 & 3 of the trilogy. I was very excited to see that the amazing story of the Helldiver from Lycos on Mars is still flowing as swiftly and quickly as Book 1. IContinue reading “Golden Son by Pierce Brown (Book 2)”

Sarah (Women of Genesis, Book 1) By Orson Scott Card

I must say I have never seen such a beautiful way of telling a very old story – the story of Sara and Abraham – from the moment they met until their first child was born. If you are a woman struggling to conceive, this book is for you – shows the trials and tribulationsContinue reading “Sarah (Women of Genesis, Book 1) By Orson Scott Card”

19 Stories about Obsession

We all have experienced obsession at least in its milder form: having a compulsive , even unreasonable (at least in the view of others) idea or emotion. You are totally fixated on something or someone – a sport, video game, junk food, pop singer, film star, collecting something, lover or potential lover, even work –Continue reading “19 Stories about Obsession”