The Face of Fear * Dean Koontz

While I absolutely love Dean Koontz, this book was really really short and not that good to be fair. At least when compared to some of his other works. A gifted clairvoyant. A shocking vision. A deadly killer.Dean Koontz writes a spine-chilling novel in The Face of Fear – a gripping tale of predator and prey. PerfectContinue reading “The Face of Fear * Dean Koontz”

Dean Koontz – Whispers – Psychopaths and turgid nipples

In 1979, when I wrote Whispers, I was less well known than the young Harrison Ford before he appeared in American Graffiti—and a lot less handsome. I was slightly better looking than J. Fred Muggs, a performing chimpanzee on TV at that time, but also less well known than he was. Whispers was the last book I wrote inContinue reading “Dean Koontz – Whispers – Psychopaths and turgid nipples”

House of Thunder * Dean Koontz

Slowly and painfully recovering in a hospital room from the terrible accident that has left her with amnesia, a woman begins to solve the mysteries of her past, beginning with one stormy night of violence waged by four young men in a place called “House of Thunder”. The Shawnee Indians gave that one a name: ‘HouseContinue reading “House of Thunder * Dean Koontz”

The Moonlit Mind: A Tale of Suspense – Dean Koontz

This city—perhaps any city—is a place of secrets and enigmas. Roaming alone with your dog in realms that others seldom visit, you will glimpse disturbing phenomena and strange presences that suggest the world has dimensions that reason alone cannot explain. In this chilling original stand-alone novella, #1 New York Times bestselling author Dean Koontz offersContinue reading “The Moonlit Mind: A Tale of Suspense – Dean Koontz”

Night Chills – Dean Koontz

There are some books by Dean Koontz which are well researched and well ahead of their time when published. Even in the Author’s note, there is an entire section dedicated to why “Night Chills” is not just another novel. Once entertained, however, they will be tempted to dismiss Night Chills as quickly as they mightContinue reading “Night Chills – Dean Koontz”

Dean Koontz – The Vision

Most educated people were convinced that, without exception, the motivations behind the antisocial acts of violent people had their roots in poverty, broken homes, childhood traumas, parental neglect or parental ineptitude. Mary Bergen aids the police in solving crimes, those that have happened and those that are about to. Now this gifted clairvoyant is usingContinue reading “Dean Koontz – The Vision”

Winter Moon: A Novel – Dean Koontz – Book Review

I love Dean Koontz’s books because you just never know what his rich imagination is going to come up with…but whatever it is it’s always a huge surprise. This is one of the scariest books that he’s written in all of the years I have had the pleasure of reading his works. Usually there isContinue reading “Winter Moon: A Novel – Dean Koontz – Book Review”

Watchers – Dean Koontz * Book Review

People have a natural tendency to anthropomorphize their pets, to ascribe human perceptions and intentions to the animals where none exist. It is truer for this book than any other Dean Koontz book I’ve read. And I’ve read quite a few! Watchers is considered one of his most popular novels and it straddles the borderContinue reading “Watchers – Dean Koontz * Book Review”

Dean Koontz * The Taking Book Review

In one of the most dazzling books of his celebrated career, Dean Koontz delivers a masterwork of page-turning suspense that surpasses even his own inimitable reputation as a chronicler of our worst fears—and best dreams. In THE TAKING he tells the story of a community cut off from a world under siege, and the terrifyingContinue reading “Dean Koontz * The Taking Book Review”

Saint Odd * Odd Thomas * Dean Koontz Book Review

Amazement is an emotional response, astonishment an intellectual one. This is the last book in the The Odd Thomas Series by Dean Koontz. I read them all and loved them all. I did not want to read this last instalment because I had a feeling. I knew that something was going to happen to Odd andContinue reading “Saint Odd * Odd Thomas * Dean Koontz Book Review”