Dragon Ball – Short History

Dragonball, written by the world-renouned Akira Toriyama, is an epic story of good versus evil, comprised of a complex set of intertwined relationships. The high-speed, on-the-edge-of-your-seat action serves as the focus for those associations coming together in a variety of manners – sometimes as adversaries, sometimes as allies. The story was loosely based on the sixteenth century work of WuContinue reading “Dragon Ball – Short History”

Dragon Ball GT Bloopers

What are “bloopers?” Well, bloopers are basically plot holes and animation errors. There are quite a few in the hundreds of episodes that make up DragonBall/Z/GT and we are here with this section to document some! [Unsolved Bloopers] Healing Armor: In the episode after Frieza spikes Krillin with his horn thing, the hole in his armor magical disappears then, in laterContinue reading “Dragon Ball GT Bloopers”