Winter Moon: A Novel – Dean Koontz – Book Review

I love Dean Koontz’s books because you just never know what his rich imagination is going to come up with…but whatever it is it’s always a huge surprise. This is one of the scariest books that he’s written in all of the years I have had the pleasure of reading his works. Usually there isContinue reading “Winter Moon: A Novel – Dean Koontz – Book Review”

Beautiful Creatures Novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl * Book Review

Do you remember The Mortal Instruments Series by Cassandra Clare where a normal teenager gets mixed up with creatures like faeries and werewolves and angels? Or Ink Exchange from Melissa Marr dealing with faeries and tattoos? Or maybe the Wolves of Mercy Falls trilogy? Well, there is this book about a teenage girl just turning 16, movingContinue reading “Beautiful Creatures Novel by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl * Book Review”

Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn Book Review

After the pleasant surprise I had reading “Dark Places” and “Gone Girl“, I thought nothing I read from Gillian Flynn would convince me more of the basic evil-ness of the human species. I was wrong. So Wrong. I prayed after every chapter for it to be fiction. I hope such a town and such peopleContinue reading “Sharp Objects – Gillian Flynn Book Review”

Mermaids and other mysteries of the deep * Paula Guran

The sea is full of mysteries and rivers shelter the unknown. Dating back to ancient Assyria, folkloric tales of mermaids, sirens, rusalki, nymphs, selkies, and other seafolk are found in many cultures, including those of Europe, Africa, the Near East and Asia. Dangerous or benevolent, seductive or sinister – modern masters of fantasy continue toContinue reading “Mermaids and other mysteries of the deep * Paula Guran”

You – Caroline Kepnes Book Review

Can’t wait to get started! Reading “You” by Caroline Kepnes @kepnesisms #book #obsession — Carra Lucia Books (@BooksCarra) August 15, 2015 YOU is an intensely nerve racking and creepy novel with a touch black humour, leading towards the end that will have you screaming. YOU gives the reader an insight into the theme ofContinue reading “You – Caroline Kepnes Book Review”

19 Stories about Obsession

We all have experienced obsession at least in its milder form: having a compulsive , even unreasonable (at least in the view of others) idea or emotion. You are totally fixated on something or someone – a sport, video game, junk food, pop singer, film star, collecting something, lover or potential lover, even work –Continue reading “19 Stories about Obsession”

The Dark Tower 2 – The Drawing of The Three * Stephen King

The search for the destined 3 continues. King claims that the Dark Tower is inspired mainly by Tolkien and Sergio Leone, but after finishing The Drawing of the Three I definitely have the feeling that he also has read one or two books by Stephen Donaldson. Some of the same ideas that are the foundationContinue reading “The Dark Tower 2 – The Drawing of The Three * Stephen King”