Alice Munro’s Best: Selected Stories by Alice Munro

This is a dazzling selection of stories–seventeen favorites chosen by the author from across her distinguished career. I have to admit to ignorance – I had not heard of Alice Munro until she was awarded the Nobel prize for literature and when she gained the spotlight, she gained one additional follower. Alice Munro has beenContinue reading “Alice Munro’s Best: Selected Stories by Alice Munro”

Stephen King – Nightmares and Dreamscapes Story Collection

Good writing—good stories—are the imagination’s firing pin, and the purpose of the imagination, I believe, is to offer us solace and shelter from situations and life-passages which would otherwise prove unendurable. A pair of metal teeth in a convenience store may prove to be more than a novelty in Chattery Teeth. In My Pretty Pony, an elderlyContinue reading “Stephen King – Nightmares and Dreamscapes Story Collection”

Mermaids and other mysteries of the deep * Paula Guran

The sea is full of mysteries and rivers shelter the unknown. Dating back to ancient Assyria, folkloric tales of mermaids, sirens, rusalki, nymphs, selkies, and other seafolk are found in many cultures, including those of Europe, Africa, the Near East and Asia. Dangerous or benevolent, seductive or sinister – modern masters of fantasy continue toContinue reading “Mermaids and other mysteries of the deep * Paula Guran”

19 Stories about Obsession

We all have experienced obsession at least in its milder form: having a compulsive , even unreasonable (at least in the view of others) idea or emotion. You are totally fixated on something or someone – a sport, video game, junk food, pop singer, film star, collecting something, lover or potential lover, even work –Continue reading “19 Stories about Obsession”

Create a Unique Scrapbook with Everyday Items You Already Have at Home

Scrapbooking has become a popular pastime through the past few years. If you’ve looked into it, you know that it can easily become an expensive one as well. But with some creativity, you can use the everyday items in your house to create a scrapbook that reflects your individual personality and style. After you’ve selectedContinue reading “Create a Unique Scrapbook with Everyday Items You Already Have at Home”