The Girl on the Train * Paula Hawkins

I absolutely loved this book. I saw the movie years ago and it was always on my “To Read” list since but as things go, I can never pick up “hyped” books without feeling some sort of disappointment. This was the exception. The three women in the book are inter-connected by houses that look alike,Continue reading “The Girl on the Train * Paula Hawkins”

Doctor Foster – Or how to find out if your man is cheating

I started watching this TV show on BBC called Doctor Foster and I nearly started laughing when I saw all the cliches being used. Woman finds blonde hair on husband’s scarf. Woman finds a pink lip balm in the bedroom. Woman becomes suspicious and starts to suspect man of having an affair. There’s an amazingContinue reading “Doctor Foster – Or how to find out if your man is cheating”

So I saw this picture of a sticker today…

So I saw this today and it got me laughing even though it’s kinda serious problem. I mean – when you’ve got a few kids next to your skirt it’s a bit insulting to catch your man drinking and together with a woman the British would call a “slag”. But then I think – whoContinue reading “So I saw this picture of a sticker today…”