Saint Odd Excerpt (Dean Koontz) – The carnival

This specific section of the book moved me. Kudos to Mr. Koontz for so skillfully capturing what draws us to amusement parks and for so perfectly describing it to us. Quote is from Saint Odd (from the Odd Thomas Series). The book is really good and I’ll post a full review when finished. I walkedContinue reading “Saint Odd Excerpt (Dean Koontz) – The carnival”

Joyland * Stephen King Book Review

I’ve avoided purchasing “Joyland” when it came out for very simple reasons. I thought that a carnival-themed book would include a clown and I loved “IT” too much to want to ruin Pennywise. The joke was on me as “Joyland” was more like a supernatural story with ghosts and a murderer that escaped than aContinue reading “Joyland * Stephen King Book Review”