Unexpected Developments

By: Shin Dragon   With his hands Vejiita leaned against the bathroom tiles. His head was lowered as he looked down, letting the hot water smooth down his neck, back, and shoulders. ::I will never fight again:: He thought. The Cell game had ended. Three years of training. Five, if he counted the one he had spent inContinue reading “Unexpected Developments”

Tanabata – Star Festival (Bulma and Vegeta)

The scarlet of a fearsome sunset burned like a halo over the city. It clung to the hills in the distance, molding around the mist and danced its fading brilliance over the horizon. The dominance it reinforced, skewered through the vast star-dotted sky, sprinkling the clouds with the light emitted. There they stayed as reliableContinue reading “Tanabata – Star Festival (Bulma and Vegeta)”