Lange musst du leiden

Lange musst du leiden, kennend nicht was, bis plötzlich aus gehässig erbissener Frucht deines Leidens Geschmack eintritt in dir. Und da liebst du schon fast das Gekostete. Keiner redet dirs wieder aus “Long you must suffer, knowing not what, until suddenly out of spitefully chewed fruit, your suffering’s taste comes forth in you. Then youContinue reading “Lange musst du leiden”

The Sakura Season is approaching

  “Cherry Blossoms seem especially suited to the ways of our country, with branches so gentle, flowers so delicate in shape, and hues so simple that the total effect is perfect beyond belief.” Matsudaira Sadanobu (1758-1828) The supposedly pure, unsullied “Japaneseness” of hauntingly evanescent, overpoweringly beautiful sakura has been a comfort and an inspiration toContinue reading “The Sakura Season is approaching”