Dean Koontz – Whispers – Psychopaths and turgid nipples

In 1979, when I wrote Whispers, I was less well known than the young Harrison Ford before he appeared in American Graffiti—and a lot less handsome. I was slightly better looking than J. Fred Muggs, a performing chimpanzee on TV at that time, but also less well known than he was. Whispers was the last book I wrote inContinue reading “Dean Koontz – Whispers – Psychopaths and turgid nipples”

Dirty Damsels (DotComGirls Series Book 1) * Peggy Jaeger

What if Cynderella had a one-night stand with a man named Prince? When I first saw Cynderella all covered in soot in that sexy maid uniform, I knew I wanted to be her Prince. She’s a smart and savvy businesswoman who’s built her cleaning company from the ground up. But now that Dirty Damsels wasContinue reading “Dirty Damsels (DotComGirls Series Book 1) * Peggy Jaeger”

Patriot Assassin * Alex Ander

Killing suspected terrorists, an assassin jeopardizes the investigation into a terror plot in the Northeast. For Covert Operative Aaron Hardy, the stakes have never been higher. Innocent lives are at risk from an impending attack. One man’s phone holds the key to preventing bloodshed. The problem is a trained killer is interfering with the operation.Continue reading “Patriot Assassin * Alex Ander”

Paulina Borghese by Gregor Armand Book Review

It’s been a while since I’ve read such a bad book. I know they used to sell them in the dime collection back in Romania and they usually “forced” people to buy a bad book in order to get the one they really wanted. So during the summer hols I picked up this “treasure” andContinue reading “Paulina Borghese by Gregor Armand Book Review”

Beautiful Malice: A Novel By Rebecca James

Not since Cat’s eye by Margaret Atwood have I felt so disturbed about women friendships. Not even Robber Bride‘s main character had such malintent and conniving personality like Alice. What happens when popular girl Alice on a self-destruct path meets mousy girl Katherine with a tragic past. Add a sprinkle of betrayal, cheating, mind-boggling cruelty between peopleContinue reading “Beautiful Malice: A Novel By Rebecca James”

Robber Bride – Margaret Atwood

Who knows what evil lurks in the hearts of men? An older woman knows. But how much older do you have to get before you acquire that kind of wisdom? I loved this book. I found that some parts were really familiar and then I realized that some of the story had in fact beenContinue reading “Robber Bride – Margaret Atwood”

The Woman Before Me * Ruth Dugdall – Book Review

Not since “Orange is the new black” and “Sleeping Beauties” have I had a chance to peek inside a women’s prison. Ruth Dugdall writes with great insight coming from her past working as a probation officer in 1996 with offenders guilty of serious crimes, including stalking, rape and murder. “The woman before me” starts off with RoseContinue reading “The Woman Before Me * Ruth Dugdall – Book Review”

Three of my favourite women in paintings

The First: Isolde Even though she’s always mentioned along with her beloved Tristan, she was a woman in her own right. In medieval Arthurian legend Isolde was an Irish princess betrothed to King Mark of Cornwall. After accidentally drinking a love potion, she became the lover of his knight Tristan, which led to their tragic deaths.Continue reading “Three of my favourite women in paintings”

Rose Madder * Stephen King

I have read this (massive) book in less than two days. And while I could remember parts of it, I read it first so long ago that the entire story seemed new. And I absolutely love the scare factor. If you’re looking for a Halloween read, why not give it a go. It has aContinue reading “Rose Madder * Stephen King”