American Gods Book Review * Neil Gailman

With the release of the American Gods TV Show, I decided to give the book a go and it is good! Very good! What do you worship? The American Gods TV Series Isn’t Afraid to Go Full-On Weird, and That’s What Makes It Great There aren’t many authors who have the kind of fandom that Neil GaimanContinue reading “American Gods Book Review * Neil Gailman”

Prentice Alvin * Orson Scott Card

In the Tales of Alvin Maker, Orson Scott Card does the same thing for Mormonism that Lewis did for general Christianity in Narnia, but the world of the tales is much closer to our own than Narnia is this world is an alternate america in the early 1800s, an America with a slightly different history,Continue reading “Prentice Alvin * Orson Scott Card”

Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson – Book Review

Prepare your tissues as this book will not leave you dry-eyed. Full of love and more love and more love and a lot of loss, the book follows two couples who have something in common. Matt has been with both women and both have a baby. This change-of-pace love story is a powerfully moving novelContinue reading “Suzanne’s Diary for Nicholas by James Patterson – Book Review”

Alvin Maker * The Red Profet * Orson Scott Card

Red Prophet by Orson Scott Card is the second in the Alvin Maker series (after The Seventh Son) and is a dramatic look at what early America could have been. This work of fiction involves characters pulled from reality that include Ta-Kumsaw (Tecumseh) and his brother Tenskwa-Tawa (Tenskwatawa); taken from the time of Napoleon BonaparteContinue reading “Alvin Maker * The Red Profet * Orson Scott Card”

The Tommyknockers * Stephen King’s Green Light UFO

“Late last night and the night before, tommyknockers, tommyknockers knocking on my door. I wanna go out, don’t know if I can ‘cuz I’m so afraid of the tommyknocker man.” Like many of the Mother Goose rhymes, the verse about the Tommyknockers is deceptively simple. The origin of the word is difficult to trace. Webster’sContinue reading “The Tommyknockers * Stephen King’s Green Light UFO”

Homage to Catalonia * George Orwell

After passing through the futuristic dystopian and totalitarian society presented in 1984, I decided to give one of George Orwell’s classics a go: Homage to Catalonia. Written in the form of an autobiographical novel, Orwell presents his days in the Spanish army, their unpreparedness and their fall into the hands of the Communists influences coming fromContinue reading “Homage to Catalonia * George Orwell”

Cassandra Clare * Mortal Instruments Book 2 * City of Ashes

City of Ashes is the second installment in The Mortal Instruments series, an urban fantasy series set in New York written by Cassandra Clare. The novel was one of YALSA’s top ten teen books for 2009. Reading it now, though, over a 6-months span of picking it up and putting it down, I can’t seeContinue reading “Cassandra Clare * Mortal Instruments Book 2 * City of Ashes”

Stephen King * 11/22/63 Book review

I must say I love this book. It’s hefty in size but unlike Under the dome, Insomnia or Needful Things, it wasn’t filled with unnecessary description of people and places but filled with stories about life and change. And in the middle of it, the question: If you were able to change history, would you doContinue reading “Stephen King * 11/22/63 Book review”

The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor

‘Rise of The Governor’ is the story of the Blake brothers, Philip and Brian who are making their way to Atlanta with Philip’s daughter, Penny. Seventy~two hours after the dead began to come back to life, Philip, his daughter Penny, his friends, Bobby and Nick, and Philip’s older brother, Brian, the weaker of the twoContinue reading “The Walking Dead: Rise of the Governor”