The art of Karl Bang (Fantasy Drawings)

“To me, women depict peace of mind, natural beauty, and variance of emotions.” Karl was born as Bong Ka in Shanghai in 1935. He was formally trained by the master artists of Chinese painting and he also formally trained in the European painting tradition in France and Belgium. These multiple styles led to Karl Bang’sContinue reading “The art of Karl Bang (Fantasy Drawings)”

A little set of Ultra-realist paintings – Gottfried Helnwein

Gottfried Helnwein (born October 8, 1948 in Vienna) is an Austrian-Irish fine artist, painter, photographer, installation and performance artist. Helnwein studied at the University of Visual Art in Vienna (Akademie der Bildenden Künste, Wien). He was awarded the Master-class prize (Meisterschulpreis) of the University of Visual Art, Vienna, the Kardinal-König prize and the Theodor-Körner prize.Continue reading “A little set of Ultra-realist paintings – Gottfried Helnwein”