Lessons learned from BoJack Horseman

I really, really like this show. I binge-watched the whole 4 seasons on Netflix (the second time around) as the first time I tried to watch them I just couldn’t go into it. I was like “Whaaaaat? A show about a horse in a world where cats were agents? Somebody must have been high whenContinue reading “Lessons learned from BoJack Horseman”

Penny Dreadful Comics

I’ve ran across these as it has nearly been 6 months since I’ve seen the last of the show and I’m going through some Supernatural & Penny Dreadful withdrawal. I loved the speeches, Penny dreadful – My Scars are my own and Penny Dreadful season 3 ep 1 – Best character description ever and when I saw the comics,Continue reading “Penny Dreadful Comics”

Cuteness overload in Storks!

I saw the new “Storks” last night and I must say, the animator that did the water and the ice and all the rain scenes must get a raise! It looked so real! And technically, all the emotions portrayed in the movie were genuine and I kinda cried in parts! Storks story Traditionally, storks haveContinue reading “Cuteness overload in Storks!”

Captain Hunk vs Emo Iron Man in Civil War

I managed to book two seats for me and my friend for the newest installment in the Marvel Universe which brought together Spiderman, AntMan, Iron-Man, Captain America, The Sexy Black Widow, The tormented Winter Soldier, and.. and.. so many more … and also to my massive surprise, Nikki Lauda from “Rush” – Daniel Brühl. AfterContinue reading “Captain Hunk vs Emo Iron Man in Civil War”

don hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow Short

That is the thing about the present, Emily Prime, you only appreciate it when it is the past. Follow Emily into a world of the future where she meets her third-generation clone. The animation is done with stickfigures so it feels a little like children’s drawings, but the story gets better from half-way though it.Continue reading “don hertzfeldt’s World of Tomorrow Short”