The Last Days of Ptolomey Grey

The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray series  tells the story of a 91-year-old man who is forgotten by his family, friends, and even himself. He suffers from Dementia which makes him worse off until finally he is given a great opportunity to recover his memory for a while, and he uses this golden opportunity to uncover the mysteryContinue reading “The Last Days of Ptolomey Grey”

Dragged across concrete or the story of a cop-out

I was pretty excited to see “Dragged across concrete” with Mel Gibson. I had it on my watch list for about a month and tonight I decided to see it along with “Red Joan”. I go in and when the warning screen greets me I giggle with enthusiasm not felt since The Purge first cameContinue reading “Dragged across concrete or the story of a cop-out”

Hellboy 3 – 2019 – or the return of the turd from Hell

Did it stink? You betcha. Did I walk out of it? Yep. At the 1h mark from the 2h movie. Did I enjoy it in any way? NOPE. Stinker of the year: Hellboy 3. Last year it was The killing of the sacred deer and Ghost Movie (both very artsy). This year it’s Hellboy – andContinue reading “Hellboy 3 – 2019 – or the return of the turd from Hell”

Love, Death and Robots and how it took the Internet by storm. Digital Storm!

I am in absolute awe what this show has accomplished. Each episode (varying from 8 to 18min in length) is a piece of art with a lovely story and a twist that leaves you hanging. The humour is crude, the penises are on display and the jokes keep rolling. From existential meditation of humankind asContinue reading “Love, Death and Robots and how it took the Internet by storm. Digital Storm!”

Russian Dolls and Multiple Timelines Explained

I think I finally figured out a little something about how this world works. Since it was Groundhog day yesterday, I decided to give Netflix’s new show, “Russian Doll”, a go. I was pulled in an I must say I really liked it! It’s like a mix-up of Rick and Morty and Happy Death Day, and, ofContinue reading “Russian Dolls and Multiple Timelines Explained”