The Tales of Alvin Maker: Grinning Man

If you’ve read The Alvin Maker series by Orson Scott Card, you’ll probably enjoy this interlude in the travels of Arthur Stuart and Alvin. They meet another great American character called “Davy Crockett” or “The Grinning Man” due to the fact that his knack is “grinning” at things until they do what he wants themContinue reading “The Tales of Alvin Maker: Grinning Man”

Orson Scott Card * Tales of Alvin Maker * Book 6 – The Crystal City

I was encouraged by both the title and the cover art for this novel that Alvin was finally going to take that golden plough out of his poke and finally lay the ground for his city, and in that regard I am not disappointed. However, this is still not the climax of the tale. UsingContinue reading “Orson Scott Card * Tales of Alvin Maker * Book 6 – The Crystal City”

Orson Scott Card * Tales of Alvin Maker * Book 5 – Heartfire

“With delicacy and insight, incorporating folk tales and folk magic with mountain lore and other authentic details, Orson Scott Card has evoked a vision of America as it might have been.” –Greensboro Tribune-Review I love the Alvin Maker books. Even though how I imagine Alvin and how he currently looks on all covers are twoContinue reading “Orson Scott Card * Tales of Alvin Maker * Book 5 – Heartfire”

Alvin Journeyman: The Tales of Alvin Maker IV * Orson Scott Card

With the fourth installment in the Alvin Maker Series, Orson Scott Card approaches the rise and fall of leaders. It follows Calvin (Alvin’s younger brother) as he tries to ascend to power by means of coercion and intimidation (and manages to become a politician), and the (almost) fall from grace of Alvin due to rumorsContinue reading “Alvin Journeyman: The Tales of Alvin Maker IV * Orson Scott Card”

Prentice Alvin * Orson Scott Card

In the Tales of Alvin Maker, Orson Scott Card does the same thing for Mormonism that Lewis did for general Christianity in Narnia, but the world of the tales is much closer to our own than Narnia is this world is an alternate america in the early 1800s, an America with a slightly different history,Continue reading “Prentice Alvin * Orson Scott Card”

Alvin Maker * The Red Profet * Orson Scott Card

Red Prophet by Orson Scott Card is the second in the Alvin Maker series (after The Seventh Son) and is a dramatic look at what early America could have been. This work of fiction involves characters pulled from reality that include Ta-Kumsaw (Tecumseh) and his brother Tenskwa-Tawa (Tenskwatawa); taken from the time of Napoleon BonaparteContinue reading “Alvin Maker * The Red Profet * Orson Scott Card”

Orson Scott Card * Seventh Son

This short book (well short by MY standards) starts off the Alvin Maker series with the birth of the seventh son in the family of a seventh’s son. This mythical happening is filled with magic and even as the boy was being born, the water wanted to kill him. As the story goes on, weContinue reading “Orson Scott Card * Seventh Son”

Series: Tales of Alvin Maker * Orson Scott Card

Seventh Son Book 1  Red Prophet Book 2  Prentice Alvin Book 3 Alvin Journeyman Book 4  Heartfire Book 5  The Crystal City Book 6 Master Alvin (Tales of Alvin Maker #7) The final volume in the Alvin Maker series. Card has mentioned that he is working on this book but has given no specific dates