John Dies at the End * David Wong Book Review

“PEOPLE DIE. This is the fact the world desperately hides from us from birth. Long after you find out the truth about sex and Santa Claus, this other myth endures, this one about how you’ll always get rescued at the last second and if not, your death will at least mean something and there’ll beContinue reading “John Dies at the End * David Wong Book Review”

77 Shadow street * Dean Koontz Book Review

I believe the tagline for this book “Are you brave enough to enter?” is pretty appropriate. This is a question you should ask yourself as well as a warning that you might not find it as easy to sleep at night as you did before. That you might enter a nightmare. That you might beContinue reading “77 Shadow street * Dean Koontz Book Review”

Wolf by Wolf * Ryan Graudin

It’s 1956 and Germany has won the second world war. In this alternate timeline, Hitler’s Third Reich and Imperial Japan rule the world. In celebration of the Axis powers’ victory over the Allies (mainly Great Britain) and Russia (who the Axis powers turned against), Hitler and the Emperor of Japan put on an annual motorcycleContinue reading “Wolf by Wolf * Ryan Graudin”

Strange Highways – Dean Koontz

Short collection of novels published in 1995 Released in May 1995, Strange Highways is a short collection of 12 stories, all showing how an apparently good human can actually be a murderer. Each story has a twist and each story is filled with suspense as well as a longing for something better. The novels includedContinue reading “Strange Highways – Dean Koontz”