How to recognize an idiot

There are a lot of sayings about idiots and stupidity. They are saying never to mess with one as they will beat you down with experience. Or that stupidity has no boundaries – as opposed to intelligence. So the question arises: how do you spot the stupid ones? I made a list. It can beContinue reading “How to recognize an idiot”

An Alcoholic, An Adulterer and A Hippy – Joke

In the days just before the final judgement, Satan decides to be lienient on the next three Humans to fall. And chooses to test them for a return to Life. The first guy: An alcoholic, who in his gluttonous state, drank himself to death. Was given the option to spend 100 years in a lockedContinue reading “An Alcoholic, An Adulterer and A Hippy – Joke”