Unleashed- Case of the Poodle Doodle * Erik Schubach

Finnegan Temperance McLeary-May, dog walker extraordinaire has had an eventful time in Manhattan since she first moved to New York City. Her unique profession and quirky, bubbly personality endear her to everyone who meets her. Finnegan’s penchant for stumbling into misadventures is hard at work embroiling her in a case involving purloined art, graffiti, andContinue reading “Unleashed- Case of the Poodle Doodle * Erik Schubach”

The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane – Lisa See- Book Review

As A-ma said, every story, every dream, every waking minute of our lives is filled with one fateful coincidence after another. People and animals and leaves and fire and rain—we whirl around each other like handfuls of dried rice kernels being tossed into the sky. A single kernel cannot change its direction. It cannot chooseContinue reading “The Tea Girl of Hummingbird Lane – Lisa See- Book Review”

The power to cut things off – 1st branch

So it’s not only Mr. Vader who has the ability to chop things off. I do too. I’ve entered a stage where I’ve had to re-evaluate a lot of things in my life and prune off the branches that will not bear fruit. To deconstruct the dead flower until I find the rotten bits andContinue reading “The power to cut things off – 1st branch”

How I Met My Son: A Journey Through Adoption by Rosalind Powell

How I Met My Son is more than a memoir, it is an invaluable guide to the reality of adoption in the UK. Both joyful and heartbreaking, the path to becoming a parent is laid bare. The story explores the sadness of infertility, the rigours of IVF, the minefield of social services, the intensity ofContinue reading “How I Met My Son: A Journey Through Adoption by Rosalind Powell”

Post-adoption depression

So I’m sure everyone has heard or may be familiar with the concept of “pre-natal depression”. There is such a thing as “post-adoption” depression and I think I’m slowly going through it. The feelings of euphoria have dissipated and almost everyday I’m thinking “Am I doing the right thing?“, “Is this the right path forContinue reading “Post-adoption depression”

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy

I have had the most amazing day yesterday. I’ve finally met my daughter! I was at the edge of my seat for most of a year, waiting for the paperwork to be finalized, going in front of two panels that got to vote whether a single, multi-cultural, dual-citizenship chick with a handful of friends andContinue reading “I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy”

Leave Me Novel by Gayle Forman * Book Review

So this was how it was. People entered your life. Some would stay. Some would not. Some would drift but would return to you I started picking up some books from my ever-expanding bookshelf and I had the pleasure of hitting one of my favourite authors: Gayle Forman – who wrote If I Stay (Gayle Forman)Continue reading “Leave Me Novel by Gayle Forman * Book Review”