Funny Church Notices for Easter

Baptisms: After Easter, the North and South ends of the church will be utilised. Children will be baptised at both ends. Bible Study: Richard, my friend’s little grandson came home from Sunday School and I asked him what they had studied. His reply was, ‘Nothing.’ So I asked him, ‘Didn’t you study Jesus?’ Richard’s replyContinue reading “Funny Church Notices for Easter”

27 Vintage Adds That Would Be Banned Today

We all know that they used to advertise cigarettes ever since they were invented (duh, first rule of marketing, if you sell it, do tell people!) and that only recently they’ve been regulated to appear in magazines only (and without any people actually smoking) and with 10% of the add telling you how much harmContinue reading “27 Vintage Adds That Would Be Banned Today”

An eyeful a day keeps the doctor away

“Staring at women’s breasts is good for men’s health and makes them live longer, a new survey reveals. Researchers have discovered that a 10-minute ogle at women’s breasts is as healthy as half-an-hour in the gym. A five-year study of 200 men found that those who enjoyed a longing look at busty beauties had lowerContinue reading “An eyeful a day keeps the doctor away”