Drood by Dan Simmons

I don’t think I like Dan Simmons very much right now. I’ve wasted 6 months+ trying to read this mega novel and while I could see its attraction – the last days of Charles Dickens and his obsession with a character named Drood, narrated from the perspective of his laudanum-ridden friend and enemy Wilkie Collins,Continue reading “Drood by Dan Simmons”

Revival * Stephen King

“Electricity is the basis of all life.” That was Jacobs, all right. The line was better than a fingerprint. “The rest said something like, Take your heart. It runs on microvolts. This current is provided by potassium, an electrolyte. Your body converts potassium into ions—electrically charged particles—and uses them to regulate not just your heartContinue reading “Revival * Stephen King”

The Dark Tower 2 – The Drawing of The Three * Stephen King

The search for the destined 3 continues. King claims that the Dark Tower is inspired mainly by Tolkien and Sergio Leone, but after finishing The Drawing of the Three I definitely have the feeling that he also has read one or two books by Stephen Donaldson. Some of the same ideas that are the foundationContinue reading “The Dark Tower 2 – The Drawing of The Three * Stephen King”