Why I won’t get married

I’ll be turning 34 in a couple of months and I am faced with the same problems I had at 30. I knew back Then I would not get hitched and carry someone’s name. I’m still single and I’m actually loving it. I wake up when I want, I go to bed when I want.Continue reading “Why I won’t get married”

Angels in America – The Theatrical Version from NT Live

It has been quite a while since I’ve posted anything and I wanted to return with a bang. No more slashing of terrible movies (because I’ve seen quite a few bad ones (*cough* Transformers, The Shack, The House, Free Fire and recently Baby Driver). No more praising of gorgeous ones (*cough* Dunkirk will be addedContinue reading “Angels in America – The Theatrical Version from NT Live”

Welcome 2012

Welcome to 21st Century!! Our communication » Wireless Our phones » Cordless Our cooking » Fireless Our food » Fatless Our Sweets » Sugarless Our labor » Effortless Our relations » Fruitless Our attitude » Careless Our feelings » Heartless Our politics » Shameless Our education » Worthless Our Mistakes » Countless Our arguments »Continue reading “Welcome 2012”