Emptiness and Joyful Freedom by GREG GOODE and TOMAS SANDER

The pinnacle of Buddhism’s understanding of reality is the emptiness of all things. Exploring reality towards the realization of emptiness is shockingly radical. It uncovers an exhilarating freedom with nowhere to stand, while engendering a loving joy that engages the world. This path-breaking book employs the emptiness teachings in a fresh, innovative way. Goode andContinue reading “Emptiness and Joyful Freedom by GREG GOODE and TOMAS SANDER”

Consciousness and the Brain – Deciphering How the Brain Codes Our Thoughts by Stanislas Dehaene

In the late 1800s, psychology began as the study of the mind. Then the behaviorists convinced everyone to abandon the study of mind and consciousness, for good reasons. At the time, the only way to study consciousness was introspection, a source of no reliable information. Through most of the next century, experimental psychologists avoided notContinue reading “Consciousness and the Brain – Deciphering How the Brain Codes Our Thoughts by Stanislas Dehaene”

Johann Hari – Lost Connections (depression and anxiety)

Drug companies would fund huge numbers of studies and then only release the ones that showed success Well-known author and journalist, Johann Hari, suffered from depression as a teen, taking anti-depressants from a tender age. Told, like so many others, his depression was the cause of a chemical imbalance in his brain, he later studiedContinue reading “Johann Hari – Lost Connections (depression and anxiety)”

The Gift of Fear – Survival Signals by Gavin De Becker (Excerpt)

The following is respectfully quoted from “The Gift of Fear” by Gavin De Becker: Many homicides have occurred at the courthouse where women were seeking protection orders, or just prior to the hearings. Why? Because the murderers were allergic to rejection. They found it hard enough in private but intolerable in public. For men likeContinue reading “The Gift of Fear – Survival Signals by Gavin De Becker (Excerpt)”

Is IQ Genetic or Environmental?

There has been significant controversy in the academic community about the heritability of IQ since research on the issue began in the late nineteenth century. Scientists have long been intrigued by the origins of IQ, and in particular whether IQ is genetically inherited or whether a high IQ is the result of a stimulating environment.Continue reading “Is IQ Genetic or Environmental?”

Don’t trust your memories

I came across an interesting take on the False Memory Syndrome. While we all experience memory failures from time to time, false memories are unique in that they represent a distinct recollection of something that did not actually happen. It is not about forgetting or mixing up details of things that we experienced; it is aboutContinue reading “Don’t trust your memories”