Passion is powerful… Nothing was ever achieved without it, and nothing can take it’s place. No matter what you face in life, if your passion is great enough you will find the strength to succeed. Without passion, life has no meaning. So, put your heart, mind, and soul into even your smallest acts… this isContinue reading “Passion”

Newsflash, humility was shot dead today in a back alley dispute with vanity.

The whole world’s a stage but I am not an actor, I am, always was, will be, the audience, 6,000 different misrepresentations of how I see myself have crowed into a theatre to watch the earth cave in upon itself, I don’t need to acknowledge the spectacle because I’ve come to understand that writing is not a career or a way ofContinue reading “Newsflash, humility was shot dead today in a back alley dispute with vanity.”


Some people sit – some people try. Some people laugh – some people cry. Some people will – some people won’t. Some people do – some people don’t. Some people believe and develop a plan. Some people doubt – never think that they can. Some people face hurdles and give it their best. Some peopleContinue reading “Choices”