The Assumption of Mary * 15th of August

The Feast of the Assumption of Mary (Mariae Himmelfahrt, Mariä Aufnahme in den Himmel) is celebrated in some states in Germany on August 15 each year. It is a public holiday in Saarland and some parts of Bavaria. Many Catholics attend special church services and some people collect herbs as a tradition for the day. The fourthContinue reading “The Assumption of Mary * 15th of August”

A Brief History of the Russian Language

“Where do you come from?” was a question I heard often during the nearly two years I spent living in Russia. “I’m from America,” I would always answer, but this reply rarely satisfied the innate “Russian curiosity” of the inquirer. “Yes,” they would say, “but where are your roots?” I would then explain that myContinue reading “A Brief History of the Russian Language”

Visiting London * Explore the Coca-Cola London Eye

The London Eye has become a much-loved part of the landscape in a relatively short amount of time. The Eye (whose named sponsor changes every couple of years and currently is Coca Cola) also does the same trick as the Eiffel Tower does for Paris, to let people climb above the city and look backContinue reading “Visiting London * Explore the Coca-Cola London Eye”

Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and other bugs

A vector is a living organism that carries and can transmit an infectious agent, or pathogen, from one host organism, such as a human or animal, to another. Vector-borne diseases represent 17% of all infectious diseases, are responsible for more than one million deaths each year, and current estimates indicate that at least half ofContinue reading “Diseases transmitted by mosquitoes and other bugs”

Gardening: A Fun and Creative Backyard Project

When summer rolls around, many individuals enjoy spending time in their backyard. When it comes to summer, many individuals associate backyards with picnics, barbeques, swimming, and outdoor sports. While all of these activities are nice, there are not the only things that you can do in your backyard. In fact, there are a number ofContinue reading “Gardening: A Fun and Creative Backyard Project”

Everything you need to know about Berlin

Berlin brings to one’s min the great divide (or wall) that divided the city into two different political entities. However, the new rejuvenated and reunited Berlin is marching ahead into the future post millennium. It is casting itself as the most important new and modernistic city of Continental Europe. Berlin’s dark past as Hitler’s capitalContinue reading “Everything you need to know about Berlin”

The Many Benefits of Walking

You probably always hear the expression ‘take a hike!’ You know what? Health experts are actually encouraging you to follow that particular advice. Walking, or the art of travelling by foot, is human’s natural means of transportation. However, with today’s society full of vehicles, walking is slowly becoming a lost art. And this should notContinue reading “The Many Benefits of Walking”