Best sex scene in Atlas Shrugged * Ayn Rand

Whoever told you that Atlas Shrugged is a boring book, they never mentioned that it features some pretty cool characters, love triangles by the truckload and one sex scene that would make Anne Rice blush! Well, maybe not Anne Rice but it’s definitely better than Murakami’s approach. The sound came from his engine, from theContinue reading “Best sex scene in Atlas Shrugged * Ayn Rand”

Did you wonder what is wrong with the world? * Atlas Shrugged – John’s speech.

Still reading Atlas Shrugged (been about two months now) and I came across this part of John Gault’s speech. Close to the finish now but I still don’t want this book to end… “Did you wonder what is wrong with the world? You are now seeing the climax of the creed of the uncaused andContinue reading “Did you wonder what is wrong with the world? * Atlas Shrugged – John’s speech.”

Atlas Shrugged * The crying song of the people * Excerpt

This is what happens when inept people rule the country and prioritize budgeting for friends and luxury rather than food and subsistence and jobs: “Soybeans make an excellent substitute for bread, meat, cereals and coffee-and if all of us were compelled to adopt soybeans as our staple diet, it would solve the national food crisisContinue reading “Atlas Shrugged * The crying song of the people * Excerpt”

Robber Bride Quote – Burials

She was thinking that for thousands of years, when people died – especially powerful people, especially people who were feared – the survivors had gone to a lot of trouble. They’d slit the throats of their best horses, they’d buried slaves and favourite wives alive, they’d poured blood into the earth. It hadn’t been mourning,Continue reading “Robber Bride Quote – Burials”

Unearned Love * Atlas Shrugged

Because I picked that amazing quote about love and loving from the discussion between Francisco and Henry Reardon when they both loved the same woman, I decided to pick a discussion about love between Jim Taggart and his wife. “What do you want from me?” “Love,” he answered. She felt herself sagging with hopelessness, inContinue reading “Unearned Love * Atlas Shrugged”

“Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself.” * Atlas Shrugged Quote

The men who think that wealth comes from material resources and has no intellectual root or meaning, are the men who think-for the same reason-that sex is a physical capacity which functions independently of one’s mind, choice or code of values. They think that your body creates a desire and makes a choice for you-justContinue reading ““Show me the woman he sleeps with and I will tell you his valuation of himself.” * Atlas Shrugged Quote”

Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations Excerpt

We enjoy publishing our thoughts and those of our writers, but we also love going to primary sources whenever possible. Today we’re sitting at the feet of ancient Roman emperor Marcus Aurelius to hear his timeless thoughts on what matters in life—and what doesn’t. The following is excerpted from Book II of Marcus Aurelius’s Meditations.

Alias Grace * Peaches and stones (Episode 1)

When you write, I feel as if you are drawing on me, drawing on my skin with the feather end of an old-fashioned goose pen. As if hundreds of butterflies have settled all over my face, and are softly opening and closing their wings. But underneath that is another feeling, a feeling of being wide-eyedContinue reading “Alias Grace * Peaches and stones (Episode 1)”