From the corner of his eye (Dean Koontz)

Horrormeister Koontz looks heavenward for inspiration in his newest suspense thriller, From the Corner of His Eye, which is chock-full of signs, portents, angels and one somewhat second-rate devil, a murky and under characterized guy named Junior Cain who throws his beloved wife off a fire tower on an Oregon mountain and spends the rest of the novelContinue reading “From the corner of his eye (Dean Koontz)”

The Fall of the House of Usher (Complete)

The Fall of the House of Usher and Other Writings is a collection that displays the full force of Edgar Allen Poe’s mastery of both Gothic horror and the short story form. This Penguin Classics edition is edited with an introduction and notes by David Galloway. Son coeur est un luth suspendu; Sitot qu’on leContinue reading “The Fall of the House of Usher (Complete)”

Dean Koont'z Relentless

When an author is plagued by his worst critic, he tries his best to escape his deadly review. Get in another thrilling story from the master of chases, Dean Koontz. The stunning new thriller from one of the world’s bestselling authors. Hostile reviews may have hastened the deaths of some writers, but Cubby Greenwich is madeContinue reading “Dean Koont'z Relentless”

The Tudor Series – The Constant Princess (Philippa Gregory)

The Constant Princess is a historical novel by Philippa Gregory, published in 2005. The novel depicts a fictionalized version of the life of Catherine of Aragon. “I am Catalina, Princess of Spain, daughter of the two greatest monarchs the world has ever known…and I will be Queen of England.”Thus, bestselling author Philippa Gregory introduces oneContinue reading “The Tudor Series – The Constant Princess (Philippa Gregory)”

Four Past Midnight – Stephen King

A collection of stories that all have a twist King has published a few of these collections. Different Seasons, Hearts In Atlantis, Full Dark No Stars, even the Bachman Books – each features pieces that, for many writers, would be published as individual books. Four Past Midnight is no exception: four stories that cover many different facetsContinue reading “Four Past Midnight – Stephen King”

An Evening at GODs – Short Play

A one minit play, 1990 DARK STAGE. Then a spotlight hits a papier-mache globe, spinning all by itself in the middle of darkness. Little by little, the stage lights COME UP, and we see a bare-stage representation of a living room: an easy chair with a table beside it (there’s an open bottle of beerContinue reading “An Evening at GODs – Short Play”

Why Do We Have to Live with Men? Bernadette Strachan

8 Women decided to give up men for various reasons and to isolate themselves in a commune in next to Lyme Regis in England for six whole months. Their lives turn up-side-down as they discover the sense of belonging and friendship that can either bring people together or drive them apart for good. Why doContinue reading “Why Do We Have to Live with Men? Bernadette Strachan”

The Little House – Phillipa Gregory

Moving into a new house with your beloved husband and having a baby could be every woman’s dream. What if it becomes her nightmare? A contemporary psychological thriller in the style of Ruth Rendell, from one of today’s most versatile and compelling storytellers. It was easy for Elizabeth. She married the man she loved, boreContinue reading “The Little House – Phillipa Gregory”