The Last Days of Ptolomey Grey

The Last Days of Ptolemy Gray series  tells the story of a 91-year-old man who is forgotten by his family, friends, and even himself. He suffers from Dementia which makes him worse off until finally he is given a great opportunity to recover his memory for a while, and he uses this golden opportunity to uncover the mysteryContinue reading “The Last Days of Ptolomey Grey”

Little Children Best Quote Why wouldn’t one of these women want to meet a nice person like you?I’m not a nice person.You did a bad thing.But that doesn’t mean you’re a bad person.I have a psychosexual disorder.You’re better now. They wouldn’t have let you out if you weren’t.They let me out because they had to. [..] What’s theContinue reading “Little Children Best Quote”

Oscars nominations 2022: the full list and my favourites

I can’t wait for the 27th of March 2022 just to be able to say “I guessed right!”. I’ve absolutely loved CODA (Children of Deaf Adults) and Dune was a visual masterpiece absolutely making right by the original book ( Dune by Frank Herbert ). Don’t Look Up goes well as a satire and it’s filledContinue reading “Oscars nominations 2022: the full list and my favourites”