Orson Scott Card Books and Stories in Order

Here is the Orson Scott Card book list in chronological order, with the publication year being added at the end. Do note that the actual order of books is in brackets right after the title. Any new books by Orson Scott Card will be added to the relevant series as soon as they are published (or even before, as soon as we hear about them).

Science-fiction series

Ender’s Game Series in Order

First Meetings in Ender’s Universe (Ender’s Game #0.5), 2002
Ender’s Game (Ender’s Game #1), 1985
A War of Gifts (Ender’s Game #1.1), 2007
Ender in Exile (Ender’s Game #1.2), 2008
Speaker for the Dead (Ender’s Game #2), 1986
Xenocide (Ender’s Game #3), 1991
Children of the Mind Ender’s Game #4), 1996

Ender’s Shadow Series in Order

Ender’s Shadow, 1998
Shadow of the Hegemon, 2000
Shadow Puppets, 2002
Shadow of the Giant, 2005
Shadows in Flight, 2011
Shadows Alive, TBA

The First Formic War Series in Order

Earth Unaware (Formic Wars #1), 2012
Earth Afire (Formic Wars #2), 2013
Earth Awakens (Formic Wars #3), 2014

Second Formic War Series in Order

The Swarm (Second Formic Wars #1), 2016
The Hive (Second Formic Wars #2), 2019
The Queens, TBA

Fleet School Books in Order
Children of the Fleet, 2017

The Homecoming Saga Books in Order
The Memory of Earth, 1992
The Call of Earth, 1993
The Ships of Earth, 1994
Earthfall, 1995
Earthborn, 1995

Pastwatch Series in Order

Atlantis, 1992 (prequel short story, included in Keeper of Dreams)
The Redemption of Christopher Columbus, 1996
Keeper of Dreams, 2008 (collection of short stories)
The Flood, TBA
The Garden of Eden, TBA

Mayflower Trilogy in Order

Lovelock, 1994
Rasputin, TBA
Worthing Series in Order
Capitol, 1979
Hot Sleep, 1979
The Worthing Chronicle, 1983

Empire Series in Order

Empire, 2006
Hidden Empire, 2009
Pathfinder Series in Order
Pathfinder, 2010
Ruins, 2012
Visitors, 2014

Extinct Series in Order
Extinct, 2020

Fantasy series

The Tales of Alvin Maker Books in Order

Seventh Son, 1987
Red Prophet, 1988
Prentice Alvin, 1989
Alvin Journeyman, 1995
Heartfire, 1998
The Crystal City, 2003
Master Alvin, TBA

Mither Mages Series in Order
Sandmagic, 1979 (short story)
Stonefather, 2008 (novella)
The Lost Gate, 2011
The Gate Thief, 2013
Gatefather, 2015

Historical Series

Women of Genesis Books in Order

Sarah, 2000
Rebekah, 2001
Rachel and Leah, 2004
The Wives of Israel, TBA
The Sons of Rachel, TBA

Standalone Orson Scott Card Books

A Planet Called Treason, 1979
Songmaster, 1980
Hart’s Hope, 1983
A Woman of Destiny/Saints, 1983
Wyrms, 1987
How to Write Science-Fiction & Fantasy, 1990
Lost Boys, 1992
Treasure Box, 1996
Stone Tables, 1997
Homebody, 1998
Enchantment, 1999
Magic Street, 2005
Invasive Procedures, 2007
A Town Divided by Christmas, 2018
Lost and Found, 2019