The Unlikeable Demon Hunter: Burn (Nava Katz Book 6)

Rating: 1 out of 5.

It’s the End of the World as We Know It …

Nava has come a long way from being a hot mess flying solo. She’s now one of the major players on the chessboard, leading the charge against a witch with dark magic, a power-mad rabbi, and the impending apocalypse.

Friends will die and secrets will be exposed. Add imprisonment, torture, and the biggest, baddest demon of them all who has plans for her, and it’s a lot for a girl to take in.

Time to rally the troops and make her last stand, because she’s damned if she’ll let the end of the world stand in the way of her romantic, sexytimes galore, happily-ever-after.

It’s trial by fire.

Burn, baby, burn.

The heart-pounding final installment to the series.

Get this laugh out loud urban fantasy now.

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Rohan wrapped his hand around mine, pressing it to his heart as he knelt on the bed and pushed inside me. But he didn’t move, just demolished me with a single volcanic gaze, his eyes amber rum and cinnamon.

I bucked my hips and he cocked an eyebrow at me.

“Oh good,” I said. “You remember you’re here. Inside me.”

“I could never forget that.” He fucked me in a lazy tempo. Something in my chest eased as Rohan leaned down to whisper in my ear and I laughed as his stubble tickled my neck. This was it, this was perfect.

Not sure I like starting to read a series from book 6 but I’ll be damned if I start buying 5 more books to find out who’s who. Doesn’t help that the guy is called like a city in Lord of the Rings. Or that they have sex by page 10. The book is a combination of an emo diary written by a 20-year old who has dabbled in wicca and occult practices and who loves Supernatural (the show).

“Think of the wards as a line in the sand with evil, the demon realm, on one side, and good, earth, on the other. Demons have to work at coming through, at crossing that line, hence the use of poison that creates rifts in the fabric of reality. The process is hard and it’s painful, but the wards don’t care about them returning to their own side. That’s a quick portal deal for them. We’re facing the same issue in reverse. We need to reliably open a rift into the demon realm that will allow all of us through.”

So what I’ve pulled together by the middle of the book: Nava Katz finds out that she’s a female demon hunter, and that’s a problem. Mostly because misogyny and there’s never been one before and no one knows how to deal with it. The story builds as Nava comes into her own and learns that there are certain players out there actively working their way towards an apocalypse and she’s got to stop it. All while falling in love with Rohan Mitra, a former rock god turned demon hunter who is very very sexy.

Nava Liron Katz, I call you. Nava Liron Katz, I bind you. Nava Liron Katz, I command you to come.”

For me the book was terrible – a mix and match (like a trail mix with no chocolates) of different goth genres and too many plot lines going with side characters hooking up. I really should have read the other books but as it stands, this solo one is a no-finish.

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