Of Mobsters and Men: WILD (Book #2) by L.A TehPeaceMaker 

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Stefano Vanzetti.

You’d have to be living under a rock if you grew up in northern Boston and didn’t know who he is. He’s the heartthrob of every Italian girl in my neighborhood, the man who’s probably had your daughter roll through his sheets at least once, the devilishly handsome mysterious man with dark brown eyes that gave you nightmares, and yes, every horrible thing you’ve probably heard about him is very much true.

Did I also mention he destroyed my dreams and aspirations in life when he asked my father for my hand in marriage?

It’s not always OK to start with the second book in a series and in this specific instance – I had no idea who the characters were and what their relationship was to each other. I would have love a bit of intro or a recap or something.

If you like stories about Italian mobsters having Italian names and Italian gangsta moves, and a murder mystery. People die left right and center and have a letter engraved in them.

I really couldn’t go past the first 20 pages. I skipped through the rest with little enthusiasm. This is a no-go. DNF

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