Burnout * Taryn Eason

Rating: 3 out of 5.

Maybelle, an emotionally unstable eighteen-year-old girl, has been living in the shadow of her older sister’s success her entire life. While her sister just got accepted to Harvard medical school, Maybelle’s only future plans are which party she will be at the next weekend. When she gets destructive superpowers meant for her sister, her life takes an unexpected turn. She now catches on fire whenever she is angry or sad, and as a result, she quickly becomes aware of all her bad choices and is forced to learn to mature, control herself, and get through life at the constant risk of killing everyone around her. It’s just impossible not to make some enemies in the process.

 My temper flared and I was not in the mental state to hold myself back. “So what, just because I was smoking weed at some random party last month means that I’m completely incapable of crying for my aunt that just died right in front of me? I hate you cops, you’re all the same. Just look at you picking on an innocent girl. You’ll do anything just cause you can?

 I was shaking all over. My skin was glowing a bright orange-red.  There was a crackling noise as my clothes were all burned off.  I began hyperventilating, my tears sizzling as soon as they left my eyes.

I thought for a moment, then frowned as the only interesting thing I could imagine doing was using my finger to light a cigarette as a party trick. Oh well, self-control was still something I needed to know, especially since I had the ability to light myself on fire.

Interesting premise for a teen book – unworthy hero receives a gift and they have to prove worthy of it otherwise they’ll become the villain of the story. She knows she needs to change from an embittered teen to a young adult worthy of praise and that’s pretty hard to do with not just the power burning but the brain releasing impulse control shattering hormones every minute. She finds a boy she likes, she saves her sister Delilah and finds out she had her dad’s power just as our hero inherited her aunt’s power. She finds out that their dad was abusive and her sister hid it. And then they barely get out alive of dangerous situations. Her sister does die and she spirals out of control for a bit before deciding to hit the road and never look back.

I burned hotter as I lost control of myself, but I was past the point of caring. There was an unnatural sound when I exploded, reaching my peak warmth. The playground warped around itself and the streetlights around me shattered, but I emitted so much light that the difference was negligent.

And because the runaway status is kinda hard to maintain without a steady cash inflow or a job, a lawyer contacts our heroine and tells her that 35mil is now hers from her sister’s personal fortune. Her family and the public had been told it has all been donated to charity. It’s quite funny because wills are actually of public record and the parents / public could have pulled the records down to see if any lies have been told. It also stands true to contestations and disputes. Theoretically 80% of will disputes are won in favour of the claimants so if the parents had their own solicitor look up the will of their late daughter they would have been richer.

We made arrangements for the money to flow into my bank account in the next few days, after which I would meet with an investment advisor and all I could think about was how much I wished Lye was here to talk me through this process. He was amazing with money and he would know exactly what I should do. But I reminded myself somberly that those days were over and I still needed to figure out how to pick up the pieces of my life and move on.

😀 I was laughing at the “somberly” part here. Not sure why but I think the author added it in as a wishful fantasy but only due to a sad occurrence. Thus “somberly”.

Eh, good book all in all for a start-up writer and I’ll give something else a go if they want to continue writing. But the author needs to have a read in how inheritances go and do a bit of research :).

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