Crimson Kiss book 1 by Trisha Baker

Rating: 2 out of 5.

My name is Meghann O’Neill. I am a psychologist who specializes in treating victims of abusive relationships—particularly women and children. I am also a vampire, and for years I suffered the cruelty of the man who seduced and turned me into this immortal creature.

His name was Simon Baldevar. Handsome and sophisticated, he claimed to love me, possessing me body and soul. In his arms I became enslaved in an endless cycle of pleasure and pain, receiving passionate ecstasy and vile punishment in equal measure, depending on his mood. Over thirty years ago I left him staked on a roof and let the dawn of a new day finish him off.

But Simon survived, and he’s already begun his sadistic games by murdering the very humans I have sworn to help through my practice. If he expects me to bend under his will and beg forgiveness, he’s sadly mistaken—and he’ll be shocked to learn that his servant has become a master all her own…

“Those fool boys you’ve been exposed to would never be able to rouse you; their fumbling, oafish gestures would leave you thinking lovemaking was something distasteful,”

Meet Simon, a very old and sleek vampire who preys on young and innocent Maggie. Just like in the old stories, the sexual awakening starts with the rite of the blood passage – because what is hotter than steaming blood from a virgin?

Maggie started to scratch but felt something odd. It was almost like two holes in her skin. Could she have cut herself somehow? Maybe all she had was some sort of infection.

This book is all about sex and vampires and more sex, master and slave relationship, the desire to abandon oneself to a higher and older power similar to a religious cult.

The writing was good but the story has been told a thousand times already and I don’t think I care to hear it anymore.

I much prefer Anne Rice – Interview with the vampire and Salem’s Lot * Stephen King (Or the best vampire book since Dracula) or even H. Rider Haggard – She.

This was just plain mediocre fanfiction style prose.

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