Deception (The Benson Brothers Book 3) by G.L. Snodgrass

Rating: 3 out of 5.

There is a pecking order in high school. And girls like me, plain girls, from poor families, rested at the bottom. We either became quirky and interesting. Or we disappeared into the background. I had chosen the later. It was easier that way.

When Rebecca was offered a prestigious letter of recommendation for college to become Buck’s tutor, she grabbed it. It was her ticket out and an opportunity to learn how the other half lived.

Her only problem. A father who refused to let his daughter date. Period. Of course, he needn’t have worried. Buck Benson was so far out of her league that it was the last thing her father should worry about. But, then, life takes strange and unusual twists. Now, she had to keep her new secret from her father or her new life would come to a crashing end.

He smiled, then slowly ran his eyes over me. A sick kind of thrill-filled me until I remembered what he would see. Long, straight, dull brown hair, frumpy dress with a cardigan sweater, and a girl with glasses. Everything that high school boys despised

Meet our heroine, Rebecca – a school nerd. She is paired with the local dumb jock (but hot) to help him improve his scores in hopes of entering a good college. In return she would get a school recommendation that would boost her chances of getting out of this town and from under her father’s rule.

My heart soared until he said, “And Rebecca, you know the rules. No dating until you are Twenty-One. If I had my way, it would be after you turn forty-eight.

Buck is the dumb jock type (frat boy look alike) who sees the studying more like a chore than something that would aid his future.

As I walked towards her, I examined my new tutor. Hey, I am a guy, we just naturally look at women. It comes with the territory. After years of study, I had learned to classify girls into three categories. Beautiful, but that usually meant high maintenance, and in all honesty, wasn’t worth the effort. Cute, with the subcategories of sweet and not sweet. And finally, ex-girlfriends.

He sounds like a treasure 😀

As we walked across the grass to the tree, my heart started jumping. I was going to be all alone with Buck Benson. What if someone saw? What would people say? I could well imagine Marla Gould and her crowd would fill the school with snide comments.

The short story picks up as the two start dating and explore each other’s worlds. From meeting the parents, to navigating the tough relationship with stricter folks, to finding out who you really love (yourself first!) – it’s tough when your entire world is filled with hormones.

All in all, a lovely story of geeky girl meets sports guy and fall in love.

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