Dark Desire (Game) 18+


I had the chance to try out something I haven’t tried before. It’s all about experience and oh boy do the women in this game have a lot of it!

Split over a series of episodes which last between 5 and 10 minutes, the game offers super sexy (by male standards) women who either have a bit of girl-on-girl action or allow you to play the female / male versions of a picnic date which ends in *cough* non-protected sex. I see a pregnancy scare in the future!

Good bits:

  • the skin rendering is gorgeous
  • A lot of attention to the decor and the backgrounds are well thought out
  • The car! The car was a beauty to look at.
  • Good facial expressions
  • Positions for intercourse are tasteful

Bad things

  • choices have limited effect
  • It feels more like a slideshow because none of the images move
  • The six packs grossed me out a little but it might just be my preferences
  • Loads of gratuitous lesbian scenes in the backgrounds
  • All the girls look like barbies
  • Hair animation. I know it’s hard to do right but damn, they look like wigs / straws
  • Some of the choices have not been implemented yet
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