Stolen (Edgefield Slayers Book 2) by Laken Cane

Rating: 1 out of 5.

A dangerous enemy returns and threatens the city and everyone Krista loves, and the only thing that might stop him is sacrifice.
The question is, whose?

When a powerful demon lord discovers he has the ability to steal souls to gain power, Krista Lennox and the Edgefield Slayers must face a darkness like they’ve never known to protect the city’s most vulnerable humans.

Surrounded by the men who love her and beginning to accept the desires of her heart, Krista embraces her life—hard battles, hot nights, powerful magic…

And dangerous darkness.

Is she strong enough to resist the darkness, or will she finally surrender to its seductive call?

He ran his lips over the mark on her cheek. “You will punish me for your fear. But I like your fear. I’ll do it again, Krista. Many, many times…”

*The Edgefield Slayers series is a paranormal romance reverse harem.*

“Two days ago,” Jones said. “A demon lord began killing children.”

She put a hand to her chest. “My God. No.” She glanced at Kyle, wondering why he hadn’t told her.

“He doesn’t exactly kill them,” Smith said. “And he is not attacking only children. He is attacking pureness. He is drinking from them. Drinking their blood. And when he does, he makes them—”

“Zombies,” Jones interrupted, a bit dramatically. “He takes their blood, and he leaves mindless shells behind. He won’t weaken whilst stealing the souls of children.”

OMG this is yet another one of those books. Poorly written and with a plot full of holes.

After a sleepless night—though all of her nights in Virginia had been sleepless—only one aide came to escort her to her discharge.

Ooff. And not 5 pages in we get the sex, as written by a horny teenager with no knowledge of what it is and how it works. Give me Sandra Brown and Anne Rice again! Even E.L. James is better than this!

Finally, he entered her, muttering a curse between clenched teeth as he slid into her warm, slick wetness. She orgasmed as he watched her, his stare fierce and hot and possessive. He withdrew with excruciating slowness, then thrust himself again into her depths.

I barely finished it but I don’t think I’ll try anything else from this author.

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