Romani Witch (Shifter Blood: Romani Curse Book 2)

Rating: 1 out of 5.

A secret threatens to end my perfect life…

I’m finally settling down in Woodlake when two witches arrive and blow my world apart. Their arrival unveils a secret that not only threatens my happily-ever-after with Kaleb but also could ruin my life.

And if this secret doesn’t destroy me, Kaleb’s betrayal might.

With my world spiraling out of control, I must accept my new fate and save myself. But with enemies lurking in the shadows and vampires stalking me, the wolves are suspicious.

If they learn the truth first, the wolves will hunt me down and Kaleb might choose his pack.

But worse of all?

He may stop loving me.

Oh God, this is one of those books! Girls that haven’t finished high school yet dream about their virginity being taken by this special dude, a wolf shapeshifter. But she’s Romani and she has to wait till the wedding day to conform to tradition. But her family and friends are all asking when the ring is coming to adorn her finger?

I swallowed hard and glanced over at Ethan and Nadya, who sat holding hands. Neither looked pleased, and I couldn’t blame them. Did his mom honestly expect me to marry him? “You said if I’m not marrying Ethan. I was never given a chance to reject his proposal. He never asked me. Let me remind everyone, your son didn’t choose me. He proposed to Nadya, so he broke the agreement.”

“What?” Mrs. Istrati gasped.

“The daro’s mine,” I said firmly. “The Elders can’t make me give it back.”

“Ethan had no choice. He couldn’t challenge Kaleb after he staked his claim,” Mrs. Istrati said.

“You don’t get it, do you?” I glared at her. “If Ethan had proposed, I would’ve fulfilled the agreement and married him. It wouldn’t have mattered if Kaleb had tried to claim me. He’s a wolf, and he had no right to make that claim.”

Ooff, I’m not sure how I could describe my dislike of this book. The writing is juvenile, people are doing things just because they’re wolves / Romani and everyone seems to object to something. Women are treated like property and there’s a line per chapter when someone tells the main character not to bother their pretty little head with thinking.

I stared down at Mom lying in the hospital bed, refusing to believe what Calandra had said. She must be lying. Marie Dinescu could not be my biological mother. “I can’t be. She’s the crazy witch who burned down her house. She—”

“She wasn’t crazy,” snapped Calandra. “You should be proud to be a Dinescu. It’s a powerful bloodline and well respected among our kind.”

“You’re lying.” I shook my head as tears welled up in my eyes. “Garrett told me the truth. You’re my biological mother.”

“Garrett said I was your mother?” She smiled. “Trust me. If you were my daughter, I wouldn’t have abandoned you.”

I had to stop here. DNF

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