Mountain of the Dead * Jeremy Bates

Rating: 2 out of 5.

I absolutely love the books that Jeremy Bates brings out. I devoured Suicide Forest (World’s Scariest Places #1) by Jeremy Bates, then had some fun over Halloween last year reading World’s Scariest Places: ISLAND OF THE DOLLS and World’s Scariest Places: HELLTOWN and not so much fun trying to read about the Paris CATACOMBS. I think he’s slowly reaching the dreaded burnout when not even Dark Tourist locations make the cut for terrible “based on a true story” catch.

Fact: During the night of February 1, 1959, in the remote reaches of Siberia, nine Russian hikers slash open their tent from the inside and flee into a blizzard in subpolar temperatures.

Fact: By morning all are dead, several having suffered gruesome, violent deaths. What happened to them has baffled investigators and researchers to this day.

It has become known as the Dyatlov Pass Incident.

By the time the sun rose over the Northern Ural Mountains, all nine members of the ski-team expedition were dead, some having received horribly gruesome injuries. The official investigation into their deaths would last months, though there would be no definite answer as to what happened to Igor Dyatlov and his comrades on that night, only that they had succumbed to an “unknown compelling force.” Soviet authorities would close the area to the public for the next three years and lock the case file away in a classified archive.

To this day, the incident remains one of the most chilling unsolved mysteries of the twentieth century.

As I kept reading, the story jumps between present day investigation and a countdown to the day where the scientists disappeared. 8 days till gone, 7 days till gone, etc.

My issue was that the present part of the story was really, really boring. And the past was filled with petty drama and inter-personal relationship discussions which go on for quite a while.

There’s no real climax or build up. Nothing interesting happens for about 200 pages.

This should of been listed as Sci-Fi. More than half way into the book and I was bored out of my mind. I want Horror, suspense, thrills! Instead I got a semi slow burn with a B-movie creature feature. A freaking Yeti. I nearly threw the book out the window when the reveal happened.

So I’m going to save you the trouble of reading this one. Don’t.

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