Crimson Shadows by Trisha Baker

Rating: 1 out of 5.

I love vampire books, I really do, but I don’t like starting them with the third book in the series. At best it’s erotica fanfiction, at worst, a money grab from the Twilight era of books.

The plot is fairly simple: “Born to vampire parents and raised separately from her twin brother, also an immortal creature, mortal Elizabeth finally meets her formidable brother Mikal, now a powerful vampire, who unleashes his true nature on the family he believes has betrayed him. “

He smiled at the golden honey color of her tanned skin contrasting against the marble white of his own. Jimmy wanted to know every inch of that sun-kissed skin, rubbing his lips against the warmth of her was nearly as good as feeling the sun warm his own skin again.

Ellie trembled as Jimmy breathed in her unique scent, tart, fresh and uncomplicated by artificial perfumes. Ellie undressed was a surprise to him. Despite her queenly height, she had a small bone structure that made her seem fragile and delicate as his hands explored her.

Jimmy’s lips moved past her flat stomach and waspy waist to take in her breasts, wonderfully high and conical shaped with tempting strawberry colored nipples that beckoned him to come closer.

Jimmy fastened his mouth to the aureole of her right breast while his hand swirled around the bounty of her left breast. Ellie came to life beneath him immediately, her body buckling while the nipple puckered and tightened beneath his eager tongue and teeth.

“Jimmy,” he heard her moan and he felt the passion start to rush through her bloodstream. Jimmy forced his blood teeth, roused by the heady fragrance he detected beneath her golden skin, back by sheer force of will. Damned if he’d let blood lust destroy the good, simple pleasure of sex.

I’m afraid I only read about half the book before discarding it in the DNF area. I wouldn’t recommend it unless you were looking for some by-the-numbers teen romance with vampires.

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