Life Is Strange 2 – Roads

After having played Life is Strange 3 : True Colours and Life Is Strange 1 – The Storm, I finally got the 1st and 2nd chapter of Life is Strange 2.

“Roads,” the first episode in Life Is Strange 2, doesn’t revisit anything from the past game. Instead it introduces us to a pair of brothers: 16-year-old Sean Diaz and his 9-year-old sibling, Daniel. Their adventure is all about growing up and facing a scary and unknown future.

Are there superpowers in the mix this time around? Well … yeah. But we only see the first few hints of those abilities and at times deadly abilities in this first installment. And there are also a few political messages and statements to be found in the situations and dialogue choices here as well.

Things start off at the Diaz family home, where Sean, Daniel and their single dad, Esteban, lead a fairly typical Middle America kind of life. Sean’s an adolescent track star with a teenage crush. Daniel’s a rambunctious tyke cooking up fake blood and looking forward to finishing his Halloween zombie costume. And Esteban is a mechanic who works hard to keep the kids and clan clicking along. The game leisurely lets us get to know this likable trio of guys: the way they talk to each other, the things they prize, the friends they have, the love they share.

Then it’s all ripped away.

In a quick series of unfortunate events, a hothead bully next door is accidentally killed. A police officer shows up. Misunderstandings escalate. Esteban runs to his boys. He ends up dead, too. And after this deadly trauma, and a strange and deadly supernatural event that leaves the cop dead as well, Sean and Daniel take off on the run.

A dead neighbor, a dead cop, their dead dad. There’s no way the authorities will understand that it all happened in a tragic series of accidents, Sean reasons. Their only way out, the only way two Mexican-American kids will get a fair shot in this country, is if they take to the road.

And take it as far as possible.

Once upon a time… In a wild… wild world… there were two wolf brothers… living in their home lair with their papa wolf. They all lived happily together… but… but one day, hunters took their Dad away. Forever… So now the brothers were alone… and they had to find a new home… They started a journey through the great, big forest…

Compared to the other two games, I found this one to be a bit more slow, a tale of bonding between two brothers and ensuring that the young wolf cub grows up well, now that the only male influence in his life is his older brother. From teaching him how to skip stones to laughing about the shape of clouds, you, as the main player, have a responsibility to be a good person. Don’t steal things, don’t beg, don’t rummage through garbage too much. Ensure your lil bro is fed and also well taken care of.

I found the choices less difficult compared to the other two instalments I’ve played and if you’ve ever been in the wilderness before, you will know what berries to eat, what to avoid and definitely when it’s time to stay away from big cats (cougars).

I cried a little when the puppy was mauled but killing the cat in retaliation wouldn’t have made anyone feel better.

When in Chapter 2 they reached the Grandparent’s house, the mystery of who their mother was only deepened and I didn’t know whether I should trust these people or not.

I mean, did you see “The visit”? Are they good people? Are they bad? The fact that they’re harbouring their fugitive grandkids could be a good thing or maybe they have some second thoughts? Guilt about their daughter?

When the cop comes searching for them in the end, they do cover for them and allow them to escape.

All in all, I liked the brother’s relationship and the training of Daniel’s powers. But I just couldn’t bring myself to continue playing the other episodes.

It was good, but not as good as the others.

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